Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pottermore - My Final Prediction

I have one last idea I want to share before the release tomorrow. If Pottermore IS a MMORPG, online game, as leaked reports seem to suggest, I don't think it will be set exclusively, or perhaps even mostly, in the seven-book series. With JKR's apparent active involvement in the project, and her name attached at every point, I have a feeling she's found a way to give her fans all the backstory and future-story of the wizarding world without having to write a prequel or a sequel. She could have written the storylines for the game, and some, at least, of those lines could focus on the Marauders, Voldemort's early years, James and Lily's marriage, Dumbledore's days with Grindewald, and you name it. Looking forward, if she wants to firmly stomp out any possibility of doing a new series set in the Potter world, she could have written active storylines involving the next generation.

I'm still hoping for an encyclopedia component, but that could be used as tidbits of information throughout the game.

So there it is, for what it's worth. In a little more than eight hours, we'll all know. But this has been loads of fun and has kept me from cooking and cleaning! :-)

I'm off. Will be here in the morning for the final reveal, blogging and Tweeting away. Join me!


  1. Thank you! I loved following this discussion and I'm with you on the prediction - it would be awesome :)) is THE DAY...

  2. I can't wait! I love all your theories!! (and btw,I'm reading your book Hogwarts, A that's not it... A Writer's Guide to HP and I LOVE it. So well-though out (who'da thunk JKR would flag red herrings with the word 'spot'????) and your examples are awesome because I know the world and characters so well - thanks!)

  3. A combination of the encyclopedia and the RPG you mean, then? Sounds great to me!
    Althought, I must say that I much rather prefer it to be the RPG for now (and please not something temporarily)

    If so, we can still hope for a huge paper version of the encyclopedia later on. I still believe that it would be a lot more awesome than an online edition.

    Aaargh, only 3 hours left to go! (a)

  4. Love all your predictions. You've gone into such depth, using all the clues to try and decipher. I liked your idea that MORE is an acronym for a role-playing.

    I'm also reading your book, it's crammed with useful insights. Loving it, and taking notes!

  5. Follow the owl?? Scavenger hunt?

  6. Guys, all the information on the release is at a new post at:

    I'll respond here shortly when things calm down a bit! :-)

  7. Allie and Kiki -- Thank you both so much for your lovely comments on my workshop book! :-)

  8. Jeremy -- I either viewed or read a comment today where JKR was directly asked if there would still be a print encyclopedia to come, and she kind of hedged and didn't answer. I think it was from Leaky's transcript of the press conference.

    Will try to find and provide a link.

    Oh, and Allie -- neither of the MORE acronyms were my original thoughts. They were posted here or found elsewhere by others.

    My thought on MORE was always that it was a play on giving the reader more, based on a quote from JKR years ago where she said her readers wanted more details than the books could provide.

  9. Jeremy, here's a link to the Leaky transcript. She says quite a bit about the encyclopedia, none of it definite about print.