Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Southern Fried Wiccan Release Day with Giveaway, Plus Interview with Editor Mary Waibel

Release day is finally here! Southern Fried Wiccan is live today!

Southern Fried Wiccan by S.P. Sipal
Many moons ago, when I first got the offer from BookFish Books, I was thrilled.  Finally, this story I had worked so long and so hard on would be shared with the readers I'd written it for. I didn't quite realize how much more long and hard work I had ahead of me.

But Mary Waibel, as my content editor, and Ellie Sipila, as my line and copy editor, made that work a fun and learning experience. I'm so thrilled that Mary is celebrating with me today by sharing her experience not only as an editor, but a writer as well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Presenting Workshop on Harry Potter for Writers and Upcoming Blog Tours

 Southern Fried Wiccan
It's finally here! The release month for Southern Fried Wiccan!!! And with the March 24 release comes a lot of activity.

Workshop on Harry Potter for Writers at SavvyAuthors:

First off (and this was actually set before my release date for SFW) -- I will be presenting my Harry Potter for Writers workshop for SavvyAuthors from March 16 - April 12. Here's a brief description:

Using Ms Rowling's phenomenally popular series as a base, we will delve below the surface of her prose to determine what made her writing so magical for so many. Learn about giving the reader more, the value of subtext, using mythic themes and structure to advantage, plotting a trail-of-clues mystery, and the business of self promotion.
Check this link for more detailed information and to sign up. This workshop is always a lot of fun, and I do my best to incorporate new aspects that are of interest to the participants.