Monday, February 6, 2017

Might Credence Barebone Run Away to Join the Circus in #FantasticBeasts 2?

I posted a new video over the weekend with a new theory. This one is a lot of fun to least for me. Is it possible J.K. Rowling inserted clues through the graphic arts of the film to hint at something to come with Credence Barebone? Might he run away to join the circus?

Watch the video for more. Plus, I've included the transcript below it as well.


We know from clues which producer David Heyman has dropped that Credence Barebone continues into the next film. But with his family all dead or gone, how will he support himself? And how’s he gonna get to Europe? I think I’ve found a clue within the film itself. And it all starts with unlucky #13.

In a prior video, I analyzed Rowling’s Use of Unlucky #13 to mark key clues. Since then, I’ve found a very prominent placement of 13 in the setting of Fantastic Beasts.

This theory to follow is similar to those found in my most recent release, Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts. I hope you’ll check it out for even more clues.

As we approach the climax of the film, Graves walks past a particularly intriguing poster in an alley on his way to Credence, having been summoned by the Deathly Hallows necklace. It’s on a poster advertising the Circus Arcanus. Notice the prominent 13 begging our attention.

You can get a much better view of the poster on MinaLima’s website where they have a full-color advertisement that the newspaper is based upon. MinaLima are the graphics artists who designed for all eight Harry Potter films as well as Fantastic Beasts. They said in a recent interview, that some of the details they work into their material is direct from JK Rowling…but they won’t say what.

Notice some of the key details in this beautiful poster:
  • Circus Arcanus has been touring in New York during the course of the movie, which dates mostly around Dec 6-7
  • Their final show is on the 13th
  • Then they are leaving for Europe. And we know already that the next film is based in Paris.
The Circus’ cast includes:
  • A snake girl
  • Borys the Brute hypnotist
  • Homo Amphibia
Surely some of these have some magical elements.

This so-called Freak Show reminds me of when “freak” was used previously in the film, with very nasty connotations. Remember in the Shaw tower scene how the Senator called Credence a freak, twice? Once he directed it toward the family as a whole, and later to Credence specifically.

The senator’s abuse showed the true nature of this politician and made Modesty react protectively toward her older brother.

Then there is the fact that the Circus is traveling to Europe. In an interview shortly after the release of Fantastic Beasts, Producer David Heyman said a scene had been cut that showed Credence getting on a ship

Could he have been bound for Europe? And might he have ended up on the same ship as the circus?

Credence is in desperate need of true friends. He may be drawn to the magic seemingly represented in Circus Arcanus. And to others suffering from society’s scorn and fascination. He might feel that he’s found a true home with people like himself. And there may very well be a witch or wizard living within the Circus.
  • The Snake Girl could be a Slytherin Animagus
  • The Hypnotist using the Imperius curse.
  • And the Homo Amphibia may be a magical beast?

The Circus Arcanus may be nothing more than a decorative poster created by Mina Lima, like the one in Deathly Hallows that hung in the Luchino Caffe where the trio dueled the death eaters after having fled from Bill and Fleur’s wedding, However, there is more to this one.
  • With the repetition of the word “freak,”
  • The circus poster leading to a pivotal scene,
  • The cut scene of Credence heading onto a ship,
  • The circus performers linked to magical elements (not just clowns as in the Deathly Hallows poster), plus they are heading to Europe,
  • And the theme of abuse of those outside society’s norms, especially children, there is just too much here to ignored.
And remember, that theme of abuse of children is one which is very important to Rowling.

The concern that JK Rowling weaves into Fantastic Beasts for neglected and abused children is a reflection of her real-life crusade to help those that are institutionalized worldwide.

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