Thursday, September 1, 2016

Announcing My New Harry Potter for Writers Video Series
Harry Potter for Writers Video Series
I'm so excited to show you my latest creation. Recently (I know I'm late to the party!) I've gotten hooked on YouTube videos for learning almost everything new. My daughter got me started when she learned how to sew solely from YouTube instructional videos.

So, I started thinking, with the new edition of A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter being out, maybe I could try to put together some of my own how-to videos based on the book and my favorite posts from this blog. I didn't realize how much work it is! But it's been fun learning.

Now that I have the basics covered, I want to share the three I've done so far with you. And what better day than September 1, as well all head back to Hogwarts in our hearts! I hope these videos will help you peer beneath the surface to how J.K. Rowling created all that magic.

I'll keep adding to the playlist, but would love any comments as to what topics you'd love to see covered in these videos.

Here's the playlist where the three videos I've created so far are listed:

And here are the three videos embedded here.
The first is an introductory video to the series:

The second covers one of my favorite clues, and one of JK Rowling's most powerful, from the scene where Snape Kills Dumbledore:

And the third analyzes a fascinating, and often overlooked, element that can be a part of the Hero's Journey, The Forbidden Door:

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