Thursday, December 15, 2016

JK Rowling Reveals Tina and Queenie's Ilvermorny Houses! Day 4 of the 12 Days of #FantasticBeasts

On the fourth day of Fantastic Beasts, my true love said to me... Which House would you be in at Ilvermorny?

Welcome to day 4 of the 12 Days of Fantastic Beasts! Today we have a special treat as JK Rowling leaked some new backstory information on a couple of the main characters from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. On Twitter, in response to a fan question, she revealed the Ilvermorny Houses for both Tina and Queenie. I'll cover it below the spoiler warning.

Also, exciting information for me personally, my clue book has released a day early! Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts is now LIVE! Check it out here on Amazon!


Occamy in a Teacup by Kayla Perkinson

Now that you're all here for the spoilers and discussion...

Rowling answered fan questions on Twitter yesterday revealing the Ilvermorny Houses for Queenie and Tina. I was especially thrilled as I'd guessed one of them right!

She also stated that should Jacob have gone to Ilvermorny, he would have been in Wampus.

In this excerpt below from my newly released Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts, I guessed correctly Queenie's house, but missed Tina's. I'd focused on Tina having charged in to protect Credence as a crusading warrior. Instead, I should have linked her to the Soul aspect of Thunderbird and placed her there. Like Harry seeking Quintessence, Rowling's new protagonists, both Newt and Tina, will be chasing after deeply spiritual connections.

Excerpt on Ilvermorny from Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts. 

Ilvermorny sets up an interesting contrast to Hogwarts. Where Hogwarts was founded by four of the most magical witches and wizards of their age, Ilvermorny was founded by one family. However, this family was made up of different types of people. There were two adopted sons, a No-Maj immigrant and a Pureblood immigrant, and then their daughters. We could also consider a founder in a magical being, the Pukwudgie. Even though it was one family, they had very diverse components.

The school does not play a prominent role in the movie, although quite an extensive history is given on Pottermore. Ilvermorny is mentioned once by Queenie, which prompts Newt to counter that Hogwarts is better.

In the Theme chapter, I cover the important theme of an inclusive society which Rowling’s backstory builds. Here, I’ll focus on the make-up of the four Houses.

I consider this chart a starting point. As we find out more about Ilvermorny and the other wizarding schools going forward, some of this information may prove useful.

We know that Madam Picquery was in the Horned Serpent House, but have not (at this point) been informed of any others. I’d guess Tina was in Wampus and Queenie in Pukwudgie.

Ilvermorny House
Student Character
Chadwick Boot, Wizard
Webster Boot, Wizard
Horned Serpent
Isolt Sayre, Pureblood
James Steward,    No-Maj
The body column is my guess based on the other aspects of the Ilvermorny Houses that have been revealed. It ties in with other thematic elements covered in my clue book. I'm hoping this chart will prove useful as more information is released.

What other witches and wizards have we met that probably went to Ilvermorny? Do you want to take a stab at guessing their houses?

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