Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pottermore Quill Quest is On!

Update!, the Quill Quest has been announced. I've started a new post to follow the clues as they are released. Check here: Quill Quest is ON!!

Alright, I may be jumping the gun a bit, but our hunches from the last few weeks of hunting clues seem to be paying off.

HPSupporters just pointed out that in the Pottermore blog post revealed today there is a hidden, invisible link.  And guess what that link points to?  An interview where JK Rowling discusses how names of students-to-be are written down by a magical quill in a book that record all magical births.  It is from this book that invitations to Hogwarts are sent out when they reach their 11th year.

Thanks so much @HPSupporters!

So, the Quill Quest seems to be shaping up to be a very real thing.  Though I'm not sure it will be limited to finding quills.  It seems to me that there is a wand disguised as a limb on the Pottermore Flash (above) that many of the fansites are sporting.  Plus, I know from the LeakyCon Pottermore preview that we will document our path through Pottermore by points of lights on 7 limbs, one for each book.

I think when July 31 rolls around, we'll be definitely hunting 3 quills in fandom, and perhaps a wand as well.

What do you think?  Did you see the hidden link?

About the wand disguised as a limb theory:  Look at the Flash above.  See the largest owl who is front and off-center to the left?  Now, look at his talons.  In the working Flash, he lifts and lowers those feet.  And his left talon seems to be gripping a very straight, long stick, while all the other limbs are bent or crooked.  That limb may actually be a wand.

This would be keeping with the original Pottermore Owl Tree where three quills were disguised as leaves.  You can see them below.  They are the bottom three on the left side:

Update 7/20: Roxanne makes a very good point in the comment trail.  JK Rowling and the Pottermore team are smart enough to realize that if the quest test for early entry is something as simple as finding 3 quills (and possibly a wand) once they are found by one person, the locations will be shared all over Fandom.

Therefore, there must be something to the early entry test that can be individualized and not simply shared.  Roxanne suggests a test of skill of some sort.  I'm thinking that once you find the quills and wand you have to do something with them.  Perhaps there will be a writing test! :-) (just kidding...I think!)

Siriusly, what do you do with a quill, especially at Hogwarts?  You write. 

What do you think?

Confused?  Not understanding what we're talking about regarding Pottermore, early entry, and the Quill Quest?  Read back over the Pottermore posts here to see the build-up to this article.


  1. Thank you for this--even though it highlights one of the few things that DOES annoy me about Jo's sites. My mind does not normally go to that sort of thing--looking for clues, expecting invisible hints. If I had not read your blog entry, I would never have known that interview was there. And that makes me feel sort of . . . left out, like I'm not going to see everything I could see on Pottermore just because I don't know how/where to look for hints. And that makes me sad. I don't like feeling sad in Harry's world. :(


  2. "Remember, to get into Hogwarts you must have magical ability..." - this makes me worried :(

  3. Barbara -- you know what? I've been hunting clues in JK Rowling's work for years. I've learned how to pick them out and found many that others did not find. And still, she manages to get some by me!

    I did not see that missing link today. @HPSupporters pointed it out to me, though I did notice the shout out to a follow the owl Twitter account, which I think was also a quill.

    The cool thing about fandom is that everybody shares what they find, like here. So, if you don't find something, someone else will tell you where to look. Truly, think of it as a treasure hunt, or an Easter egg hunt. That's how she intends it. Fun!

  4. Farida -- At LeakyCon, part of what they revealed about Pottermore is that the first thing you have to get through is a determination that you ARE magical. However, I seriously doubt that anyone but a spammer is going to be deemed Muggle and disallowed entry.

  5. Guys, this post has been updated with a pic of the original 3 quills from the Pottermore Youtube Flash as well as pinpointing the wand in the fansite Flash.

  6. Hummm....I've been wondering what sort of challege there is going to be to determine who gets pottermore early. I figured it would be some sort of game or guessing game or something. Im sure JKR knows that minutes after the "challege" opens up, that the answer will be all over the internet. Im sure she has taken this all into account so even if the answer shows up everywhere its still a challenge.

  7. I've been wondering the same thing, Roxanne. We saw with the Secret Street View that someone had broken the code long before all the coordinates were even released. And whenever she opened the door on JKR.com in the past, within 5 mins the trick to get in was online.

    I wonder what she will do to avoid that here?

  8. to avoid this problem, my best guess is that it will will be some sort of game that will take actual skill to complete so that knowing the answer wont necessarily help you.

  9. Even though I'm not jumping into the game, it's been fascinating watching you hunt down and find these clues! Great job pulling everyone together.

  10. Ha! Thank you for this! I was so excited by the announcement, but proceeded to have a swamped month, so I haven't been watching--looks like I have some catching up to do!!!

  11. Roxanne -- you really think these things through, and you're usually right. So I'm placing my bets with you. That sounds extremely logical.

  12. Thanks Laura!

    Hart -- the short of it is that something's happening July 31 to allow a certain number of people early entry to Pottermore. Whatever it is seems to involve quills, but HOW it will involve quills is anyone's guess, though I think Roxanne is on to something. It shouldn't be something that once one person gets it, everyone can find out.

  13. I wouldn't mind if we'd have to complete a series of tests like W.O.M.B.A.T.s. Those tests were devised to test us on different kinds of magic and its uses, magic history, etc..

    Maybe on Pottermore we'll also have to complete a series of tests but rather than tick the answers, we'll have to do something: use spells, navigate mazes and magical creatures... I don't know...

  14. I'm confused, but I'm content letting things happen as they may. :)

  15. I'm with Barbara on this one. I feel like I'll miss this whole thing if I blink. July 31st is getting closer! Do you think it'll be a specific time on the 31st? Or would it start at midnight?

  16. Hey, on the fansite flash, have you noticed that some owls seem to "nod" while others seem to "shake heads negatively"?

    Also, that only the 2 owls that are closer to the viewer behave differently: The one more to the left looks from one set of falling quills to the other, and the one right in the center nods looking directly at you.. quite assuringly...

    hehehe it's weird! It's like they're trying to tell something and I can't understand!

  17. Also, about the "numbers game": all those leaves/quills falling and the possibility of spelling CHILLS make me think about the beggining of autumn... wich will this year be at the 23rd of september... but I think that's to much speculating...

    Do please give me your thoughts, though!

  18. Sorry to be so slow to respond! The PotterChat stuff kept me so busy, then my computer died in the middle of it!

    Niki - I have no idea what time they'll start "rowling" out with it on the 31st. But I will say one thing -- attendees of LeakyCon are supposed to receive something in e-mail regarding a head-start. Even though I was a presenter at LeakyCon, I'm not sure I'm on their registration list because of a mix-up. However, if I do hear from them, I'll update here right away!

    M.G. -- You and @HPSupporters think alike. He was the one who caught the 3 leaves as quills on the original YouTube Flash, and he noticed how the owls were shaking their heads and "pointing" in the direction of those 3 quills. That's what made me think that one owl in the fansite Flash lifting his talons might be pointing to that straight limb as a wand.

    I'd like to know what you mean though by the "possibility of spelling CHILLS". I haven't heard that one. Can you elaborate?

  19. Well, I think I read on this blog, that the difference on the number of owls per day makes a sequence, that is: 2,4,4,5,5,7. If you relate these numbers to a phone keyboard, the only possible combination to form a word is c-h-i-l-l-s

    ...thought I'd read about it right here...
    Anyway, seems a little desperate to me...

  20. Now, I remember, M.G. I guess that hadn't registered with me much because I was more into thinking of those numbers as possible coordinates on a new GPS search rather than as spelling out letters.

    To be honest, I don't think Pottermore will require much detail, if any, from those earlier Flashes for early entry. I think they were just meant to hint at the general idea for what we will have to do -- such as the possible quill quest. Of course, I'm guessing here.

  21. Guys, I've posted with a possible new clue to early entry for Pottermore, with help from one of this blog's commentators. Check: http://bit.ly/pufK8I

  22. At first, I wasn't sure about the Quill Quest, but now I think there could be something to it. I just noticed that a quill is actually the only thing missing from the desk on the front page of the Pottermore site. Everything is there for sending out invites - the book, the letters, the owl, the ink, but no quill.

  23. Exactly, Laura. And remember too that three leaves on the Pottermore YouTube Flash that fell to the ground looked more like quills than leaves.

  24. HAS THE CLUE COME OUT YET??? D: I keep refreshing but im going out now and ahhh i bet itll come out whne im not there! :(

  25. Guys, the Quill Quest has been announced. I've started a new post to follow the clues as they are released. Check here:

    Also, please keep in mind that as the blog is so active right now with people talking, I may not be able to get to all posts, so I will focus on the newest one. If you want to be sure I see your comment for the time being, please post there!

  26. So I was at camp and missed nearly everything that happened!!! But I'm a huge Potter fan. Is there any way that I can submit my email? I've checked dozens of other sites but can't seem to find a way into Pottermore, Please Help!!

  27. Dana, I don't know if the site has stopped taking registrations for today or not, but if it has, Pottermore will be releasing a new clue and opening up slots every day this week.

    I've got a new post up where you can find out the latest details:

  28. Im frustrated! I checked at midnight on the west coast , looking all evening for it to open since I thought it might before the 31st with other time zones. Nothing. Then I wake up 5.5 hours later and registration is closed for the day!!? I didnt even et to see the clue. When are they going by which time zone? Do i need to be up at three am? Boo!

  29. i just watch the YOUTUBE vids and blogs of those who already got in and I die of jealousy every time. pls keep us updated...



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