Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Speculation Time (Update 3): Ok, the puzzle has been solved, but we still don't know what Pottermore is. For some reason, because it has JKR's signature on the website, I do not see it as being an RPG or social media or theme park. The registration could be a red herring. Could it be the Harry Potter Encyclopedia but released as an interactive website rather than a book?

Think about how JKR released the clues -- various fansites from across the world in many languages each containing a note that related to the books, magical creatures, or fandom -- all of which would be part of an encyclopedia!

JK Rowling said that fans wanted MORE details than she could have provided through the books. Is she putting it all there in a virtual environment?

Puzzle Solved (Update 2): It is Pottermore and fans are directed to view this website: (though there is nothing currently there but a placeholder)

and follow this Twitter feed: @PotterMore

UPDATE (1): Looks like enough letters have been revealed that it's POTTER MORE or MORE POTTER however you want to look at it.

Does that mean more books to come? I'd guess if so that it would follow the trio's children, not Harry himself.

Or is it an upcoming Potter social media?

Or could it be a Potter RPG?

What would you most like?

I like Twitter and my kids love RPGs, but nothing will satisfy me as much as #MorePotter books!

It looks like it's the social media thing. One of the last clues is: "E" for "Brazil: The location of an eagle-eyed fan site which spotted a recent trademark registration."

For more, see this link, sent by Brooke Johnson

Started here:
JK Rowling is up to her old tricks! She's got something to announce, but she's not going to make it easy on us fans.  No, she has to hide clues with locations from all over the globe and use her multitude of fansites to point us toward them.  We must search out ten letters and put them together to form some sort of word which will announce a surprise to come.  But, it's not a book. :-(

What could it be?

Go to Leaky or Mugglenet to find the coordinates and hunt the clues, but come back here and let's piece them together!

So far, coordinates announced:

51.530377,-0.123259 on Mugglenet - at King's Cross, found a "T"
Note: King's Cross - the Hogwarts Express leaves from platform nine and three-quarters.

42.523356,-70.890698 on LeakyCauldron - at Salem Witch Institute, found an "E"
Note: Salem - The Salem Witches' Institute visited the Quidditch World Cup.

-34.410362,150.900671 on Harry Potter XPerts - at Stuart Park, North Wollongong in New South Wales, got an "O"
Note: Australia - The Wollongong Warriors are a Quidditch team referenced in the book 'Quidditch Through the Ages .'

29.952313,-90.067849 on L'Univers de Harry Potter, found a "P"
Note: New Orleans - The Phoenix Rising Convention in New Orleans. One of the largest Harry Potter fan conventions.

-29.239004,24.507602 on HPANA, found another "T"
Note:  The Erumpent - whose horn contains a deadly fluid that can make objects explode at the slightest touch (one of which destroyed the Lovegood house) - is originally from Africa.

34.730748,137.383786 from BlogHogwarts, found anothr "O"
Note: Toyohashi Tengu is a Quidditch team referenced in the book ‘Quidditch through the Ages.’

43.640408,-79.388795 found an "R"
Note: Toronto: Where J.K. Rowling achieved the world record for a public reading event.
List of letters found: T, E, O, P, T, O, R

Playing, JK Rowling's StreetView game!


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  2. Three clues, three continents so far. I think that's a clue itself!

  3. I predict a clue in Egypt near the pyramid/sphinx! Bill Weasley would be proud!

  4. I'm going to put my son right on this. He's into GPS scavenger hunts so this is right up his alley (Diagon of course.)

  5. The summer heat is making my mind fuzzy. I can't think that far ahead, lol. I'll just have to follow the clues.

    But perhaps a nod to Ireland or Bulgaria is in order? Possibly Devon, UK for the Burrow, or Wiltshire for Malfoy Manor?

  6. Let us know what he finds out, Leslie!

    And Brooke, definitely Bulgaria, I think. There's also numerous mentions of magical beasts throughout the world that she could reference.

  7. 51.781383,-2.56844



  8. Thanks Brooke for the other coordinates. My computer is so slow! This excitement slows it down.

    And you're right, looks like it's PotterMore, but what exactly will that be? Social media? RPG?

    What do you all think?

    Either one's not as exciting as a book!

  9. my hope is that she's lying about it not being a book. my educated guess is that it's an official site combining the features of fan sites (lexicon, recipes, forums, other tidbits) in one place.

  10. This was a really fun way to make the announcement...whatever it means, LoL.

    I'd love to have a Harry Potter encyclopedia filled with never-before-released secrets and a guide to Hogwarts and all the characters and just everything. And I'd love to read prequels featuring the magical antics of Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus!

  11. Laura and Brooke -- I agree with you both. I just can't see her having a site in her name, rather than Warner's, that is a social media site or an RPG.

  12. Thanks for sharing! I am so excited ;)

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  14. I am too, Rianne!

    Because the updates made this post look confusing, I've started a new one called Pottermore Trail of Clues that lists all the clues with notes where we can discuss exactly what Pottermore is!

  15. I've been dying! Thanks for putting the updates together so nicely for everyone. :)

  16. I've been dying right with you, Sarah. I'm curious to see what clue she's going to reveal today! And you changed your pic on Twitter. I didn't recognize you the other day. :-)