Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Series Question Poll Added

I'm playing with a new toy and just added a poll to the right side-bar. --->>

I've discovered I quite like writing posts in a series, because it helps me (somewhat) keep the posts (somewhat) shorter, plus to fully explore a topic.

So, I've listed a few that interest me for the next-up after I finish the Final Chapter Series.  However, I'd LOVE to know what you think!

Please take a moment and click on the top 1-3 that interest you the most.

And thanks!


  1. I've five words for you: alchemy, mystery, archetypes, hero's journey. But all of them are great of course. I'm still trying to catch up with your previous series and the pottermore updates. Ick. I'll get there.. but yeah. All good topics. :)

  2. Lyn, you would choose the most difficult one, of course. :-)

    Siriusly, I'm fascinated by alchemy in HP too!

  3. I like alchemy, too... that help? *giggles* My band of theorists had a pretty good one going for Harry's journey that we thought was blown when Rubeus Hagrid didn't die, but I've recently learned something that makes it work again... (does this have anything to do with YOUR version of alchemy?)

  4. Hart, I'm assuming you're talking about Rubeus as the Red Man in alchemy who has to die before the final result of the gold of the Philosopher's Stone can be attained?

    If so, I think this is still accomplished in 2 ways (and one may be what you're referring to). One, another Red Man in Fred dies to symbolize the death of the red phase of alchemy. But 2, and this is the one I prefer, Rubeus as the Red Man symbolically dies at the beginning of the story when he falls from the motorbike, but is still there in a refined sense to carry the prima materia of Harry into his golden moment in the Great Hall.

    I covered some of this, I think, recently in a post on alchemy in the final chapter here:

    If none of this is what you're referring to, let me know.

  5. So hard to choose!

    I love that you included "World Building". I've started work on my first fantasy novel, worrisomely ignorant of the genre. Harry Potter may be one of my only forays into fantasy, though I'm currently making my way through "The Name of the Wind".

    Interestingly enough, I spent yesterday looking up (you guessed it) world building. It's the area that is giving me the greatest block. My experience is mostly in historical fiction, so the world is already built - you just need to go find it. I'd love to hear what you have to say on the topic.

  6. Alchemical and Egyptian??? I WOULD LOVE THIS.

  7. Thanks Jess. I look forward to hearing what I have to say as well, especially considering that's one of the leading topics!

    JKR is such a fabulous person to study for world building, and I already have a couple of posts on here about that. I'm sure you'll do fabulous with your novel. You've done great building your blog! :-)

  8. Sarah, you echo my interests exactly. But at the moment, mystery plotting and world building have them beat. In fact, my favorite, Egyptian mythology is dead last. (sob!)

    'Tis ok. I'll get to them all eventually. :-)

  9. Eek! Something has happened to my poll box counter. About 20 votes were deleted. Now Snape is coming in first! Could the Potions Master have jinxed my poll?

    I don't mind doing Snape, but I want to make sure the poll is accurate. I wonder if it had something to do with me installing the CommentLuv that messed it up?