Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My New Release, Workshop, & Pitch Session for Musa Publishing

Last week, I mentioned that I had some new projects I'd been working on. Now, I'm eager to share some of what's been keeping me busy and away from the blog.  A couple of other projects will have to wait for another day. ;-)

First, I'm thrilled to be included in Journeys of Wonder vol 2, an anthology of genre fiction.  I'll be joining the fabulous Lisa Gail Green, Leslie S. Rose, and Ian Kezsbom from the first volume.  My short story, "Lighting the Sacred Way," is set in ancient Ephesus -- so you know it has some refs to my favorite myths.  I hope you'll check it out when the collection is released in the fall.

Second, I've been asked to participate in SavvyAuthors' Summer Symposium.  During the week of August 20-26, I will be presenting a portion of A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter workshop, focusing on the mystery plotting throughout the series and the characterization of Snape.  I hope you can join me.  The symposium will be free to SavvyAuthors' members, but everyone can take the class.  Sign up here.

Third, I've recently become an editor at Musa Publishing, working in their YA imprint, Euterpe.  I'm thrilled to join the Euterpe team and have already read some excellent manuscripts that I'll shout about when they are released.

And finally, to put two and three together, at the end of my workshop for SavvyAuthors, Ellen Brock, head editor at Euterpe and co-head editor for Pan (Musa's YA-GLBT line), and I will be taking pitches all day on Saturday, August 25.  You can read more about what we will be looking for and how to participate here.

I'm really enjoying working with new people, both at Journeys of Wonder and Euterpe Books, who are excited about quality fiction and are on the cutting edge of the changing dynamic in publishing.  Can't wait to share with you more of my experiences!

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