Monday, August 15, 2011

Pottermore is Open for Beta-Testing!

UPDATE! I'm IN!! But as soon as I had started in on Pottermore, the site went down for maintenance. When it goes back up, I'll start a new post with my impressions!

Meanwhile -- YAY!!! :-)

The Pottermore Insider has revealed that the REAL welcome e-owls are now going out! Some people have already received theirs and are inside Pottermore. Some of them are currently chatting on the Unofficial Pottermore Forums.

Let me know here or there when you get in and how you're sorted.  Will be updating both sites as soon as possible with new goodies now that it's working!

Have fun!

Will be updating info here and on the forum as it comes available.

  1. Here's a view of the Pottermore welcome page for those who don't mind spoilers!
  2. The poll on the side of this blog has been updated. Now, for those who are inside Pottermore, you can vote for which house the Sorting Hat placed you.
  3. There's a poll inside the forums for people who are inside to vote on which day they registered in the 7 days of clues. May give us an idea as to when ours are coming.
  4. Here's a pic of someone's welcome e-owl.
  5. Inside the forums, those who are in are talking about what they can buy in Diagon Alley. Don't want to give too much away here for the casual reader who doesn't want spoilers, but check out the forums for more details.
  6. There's a new article posted in the Guardian on Pottermore's opening which includes some interesting details on Privet Drive. 
  7. According to the Guardian article above, Pottermore received more than 50,000 hits per SECOND on Aug. 3.  That's actually not the first day of clues, but the Wednesday of that week.
  8. More SPOILERS: Awesome images of House Common Rooms and new info in the Forums.
Remember to keep checking back here as I will continue to update with new information received.