Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome and Mission

Welcome to my place on the web where writers can gather to discuss all things Harry Potter as it relates to writing. I hope you will take out your potions homework, pull up a chair by the fire, and join in our common room discussion.

I'm a long-time fan and analyst of the Harry Potter series and have written several articles over the years dissecting the mythological mysteries and writing secrets that underpin this great saga. I've spoken at many writer and fan conferences and taught online to help readers and writers better understand and appreciate this storytelling phenomenon beyond the page.

My goal through this blog is to post short, targeted pieces analyzing JKR's style and technique which made her series so successful. My hope is that all writers, whether fanfiction or traditional, YA or adult, science fiction/fantasy, mystery, romance, or mainstream, can gather something from our collective insight to help improve and deepen our own work.

I do not desire to create little Harry Potter clones. Learning from the master, or in this case the mistress, is a long-standing, respected tradition of any craft. What the apprentice does with his newfound abilities, when mixed with his or her own voice and interests, can be fresh, creative, and magical.

So, let's all get fresh! And may the magic begin.