Monday, April 10, 2017

Will Dumbledore be a Demiguise Animagi in Upcoming Fantastic Beasts Films?

I posted a new video over the weekend that is theory of one of my viewers, Suvi Holm of Finland. She believes the Dougal the Demiguise may be Dumbledore in Animagi form or at least that Dougal gives us hints as to what Dumbledore's Animagi form is.

Since the video posted, I found this note on Pottermore at the bottom of their page Everything You Didn't Know About Animagi:

Minerva McGonagall was taught by Albus Dumbledore himself
Does that mean Dumbledore was an Animagi too?

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Hello. Welcome back to Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts. I’m Susan ┼×ipal.

Fans have long speculated that Dumbledore may be an Animagi. Does JK Rowling give hints through Dougal the Demiguise as to what his animal may be? And if so, will we see him in this form through the upcoming Fantastic Beasts films?

I covered many theories like this in my book, Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts, and hope you’ll check it out.

The theory I present to you today is not mine but rather the brain child of Suvi Holm of Finland, one of the followers of this vlog. She shared it with me a few days ago, and the idea has grown on me so much, that I asked to present it here since she's not interested in doing a video herself.

As Suvi says, “Twinkly eyes, invisibility, craves sweets, seems to know future,” Dougal and Dumbledore seem to have a lot in common. They also share silvery hair, a wizened face, and blue eyes, as Dougal’s “flash a brilliant blue” (p. 211) when he is having a premonition. Could all these links indicate that Dougal is really Dumbledore in Animagus form? Or, is the characterization of Dougal designed to hint that Dumbledore's Animagi is a Demiguise?

As a Transfiguration professor, it would make sense that Dumbledore would be an Animagi, as Professor McGonagall is. We receive further hints that this may well be the case in the Transfiguration Today article floated across the screen of Fantastic Beasts. Above Dumbledore’s section regarding a Metamorphagus’ ability to vanish (which Suvi speculates may relate to Grindelwald), is the article: "How to Identify Unregistered and Unlawful Animagi."

Dumbledore told us all the way back in Philosopher’s Stone: "I don't need a cloak to become invisible.” (p. 213)

As a Demiguise, invisibility would come naturally, which would make flitting about Hogwarts unseen a whole lot easier. But this could also explain his knack for knowing what's happening all about the castle and his insight into the most probable future.

Suvi 's original theory is that Dougal IS Dumbledore. Which would mean that Dumbledore is present spying on both Newt and Grindelwald and would explain why Dougal is so eager to get out of that case all the time. She and I have discussed this possibility, and while I think this is a great theory, I’m inclined now to believe that Jo used the characterization of Dougal to give us hints towards Dumbledore's Animagi form. Perhaps that’s mostly because I would hate to lose Dougal as a character in himself.

We know we’ll be seeing Dumbledore in upcoming films. A much younger and gayer Dumbledore. Perhaps also a bit grayer still in his developing ethics. May we also find out other secrets which fans have longed to know? Will we see how he obtained Fawkes? Perhaps Dougal gives us a hint here as well in his careful babysitting of the Occamy. Maybe as a Demiguise, Dumbledore had more intimate trust with exotic, magical birds.

Another thing about Dougal that I’d like to point out is the special bond that seems to be developing between him and Jacob. Dougal is literally physically attached to Jacob for a good part of the scene with the Occamy. It's almost like he forsees that Jacob is a safe haven or that there is something special about this No-Maj who cares so much about magical creatures. I look forward to seeing what develops between Jacob and Dougal in future films.

For sure, I’ll be on the lookout for Dougal and any stray Demiguise sightings in upcoming films. Which, as Newt says, will only be spotted “with immense difficulty” (p. 185) We’ll have to keep an eye out for stray floating candy!

While I’m not sure if Dougal is Dumbledore, I’m highly convinced now that we will see Dumbledore as a Demiguise somewhere along the way.

Again, I wish to thank Suvi for sharing her theory with me.

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