Saturday, January 7, 2017

Is Madam Picquery Credence Barebone's Birth Mom in #FantasticBeasts?

I recently uploaded a new video to my Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts Video Series on YouTube. While I was working on a series of theories based on Credence Barebone from my book Fantastic Secrets, a new one occurred to me. Scroll below the spoiler alert and Doxy for more!

Doxy by Kayla Perkinson

Is Seraphina Picquery the Birth Mom of Credence Barebone?

Click on the video for the clues I've found. I've also listed the transcript below it.

While the evidence isn't conclusive, there are several clues that give credence to the theory that Seraphina is Credence’s mother. The first is the parallel imagery in the way they are both introduced.

Notice their
  • Position in screen, both left off-center
  • both Facing to the right
  • Surrounded by 4-5 others
  • and Looking at a paper – examining wizarding newspapers in Seraphina’s case.

Second, both Seraphina and Credence are noted for remarkable magical power.

Seraphina was a rare individual offered a place in all four of Ilvermorny's houses. Credence is the first known Obscurial to live past age 10.

While her power is applauded, his is feared.

Speaking of Madam Picquery’s alma mater home, the Horned Serpent—the only time a snake is mentioned in the script book is in relation to Credence’s belt:
Suddenly— the belt is whipped out of Mary Lou’s hands by supernatural means and falls like a dead snake in a far corner.

Perhaps the most intriguing hint of a relationship between Credence and the president is the meaning behind their names.

Besides religious connotations, with Seraphim being angels and Credence meaning belief, Seraphina hints toward the Obscurius in other ways.
  • Seraph means the burning one.
  • The Seraphim are angels of high order with a faith of burning passion.
  • Pico della Mirandolla (15th cent philosopher) says:
  • “They burn with the fire of charity.”
All of this leads to the combustible imagery of the Obscurus. It looks like smoke and leaves a residue like ashes. It seems to be consumed by its raging passion.

Can you imagine the trauma and conflict if it is discovered that Madam Picquery ordered the killing of her own child?

It’s hard to imagine a more personally darker act than the death of a child by its mother. However, we’re in the first film of a series set around WWII that includes the horror of the Holocaust and ends with the devastation of the Atomic Bomb. This is an adult series, and I don’t think Rowling is afraid to get dark.

What are your thoughts? Could Madam Picquery be Credence's birth mother? What could have caused their separation? Or, do you think his mother is someone else?

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