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What Series Element is Hiding in Melody Barebone's Hopscotch Chant? Day 3 of the 12 Days of #FantasticBeasts

On the third day of Fantastic Beasts, my true love said to me... Did Earth, Wind, and Fire write Melody's Hopscotch chant?

Welcome to day 3 of the 12 Days of Fantastic Beasts! Today I have the third and final post focused on Modesty Barebone. Be sure to check out part one of her hopscotch chant from yesterday.


Dougal the Demiguise by Kayla Perkinson

Now that you're all here for the spoilers and discussion...

Part 1 of Modesty's Hopscotch Chant is posted here.

Part 2 of Modesty's Chant from Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts:

Modesty’s chant continues with details of these witches’ deaths:
Witch number one, drown in
a river!
Witch number two, gotta
noose to give her!
Witch number three . . . (p. 154)
Notice that in page numbers, the above section with witch one and two comes after the stanza below with witch three and four. Rowling mixed it up a bit for us, not wanting to make it too easy. And perhaps to end on the most important one, for this book at least.
. . . Witch number three,
gonna watch her burn,
Witch number four, flogging
take a turn. (p. 54)
Drowning, hanging, burning, and flogging—while all are traditional methods for killing witches, my guess is that Rowling uses Modesty’s chant to hint at particular deaths to come. Before series end, we can expect to see someone die from a variation on each of these, and we’ve already seen one.

While none of the three deaths in this first movie was a literal flogging, two were symbolically so. A flogging is a beating with a stick or whip. Senator Shaw and Mary Lou took a flogging by Obscurus, and Chastity was the casualty of this last attack. Shaw’s scarred and broken body, which Mary Lou’s later reflected, showed all evidence of having taken a beating.

I want you to notice something else about the four types of deaths mentioned. Something elemental:
  1. “drown in a river” = Water
  2. “gotta noose to give her” = suffocation, lack of Air
  3. “gonna watch her burn” = Fire
  4. “flogging take a turn” = a switch, from a tree, Earth
This elemental running bit will be found and highlighted a few times in my clue book. The four elements run through the symbols of Ilvermorny and make up four parts of the theme of five, which this series is based on.

I’m willing to bet we’ll hear more of Modesty’s chant in the second film to give us a hint of the most important “death”...death number five. Tomorrow we'll move on to a different character and clue from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

What do you think? Is Rowling hinting at deaths to come here? And who do you think will not survive the Fantastic Beasts pentalogy?

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