Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts Announced!

Help me celebrate my NEWS!
Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts
I have a new book coming out that I hope you will be as exited about as I am. FANTASTIC SECRETS BEHIND FANTASTIC BEASTS is expected to release December 16, just in time for the holidays! This guide to the analogies, myths, and clues Rowling hid in her series covers all the secrets and mysteries hidden within this first film and speculates as to what's to come.

Calling all Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter fans!

Starting this Sunday, December 11, I'll be hosting a 12 Days of Fantastic Beasts Celebration with clues and insight released every day and spoilery forums for all! To help spread the word, my publisher, Deep River Press, is offering some special incentives. If you're a blogger or active on any social media platform and would like to participate, drop me a note in the comments or email me at SPSIPAL AT gmail DOT com. We'll only be taking 12 people or fansites. So let me know ASAP if you'd like to be a part.

About the Book:

Explore JK Rowling's secrets, one clue at a time!

Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts is THE guide for all Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them fans eager to experience anew the excitement of of finding clues and sharing speculation, just like they enjoyed during the height of the Harry Potter series. New fans will be amazed at the secrets lurking underneath the surface of Rowling's newest film. Diving deeply into the story's mysteries, S.P. Sipal offers a detailed analysis of the analogies, myths, and clues JK Rowling hid on screen and on page to charm her fans once again.

Discover and explore such questions as:
  • Is there an Animagi hidden in the story?
  • Why will there be FIVE movies?
  • What secrets is Modesty hiding?
  • Did Frank wipe out ALL the memories from that fateful night?
  • And was Grindelwald already in possession of the Elder Wand?

S.P. Sipal has analyzed the mysteries behind the Harry Potter series for over a dozen years. A sought-after presenter at fan, writing, and academic conferences both at home and abroad, her books have also delighted writers, teachers, and fans alike. Now she turns her expert attention to investigating the beginning of Rowling's exciting new series. Join her as she prepares you to dig into the layers of subtext yourself to claim what treasures await...before the Niffler beats you to it!