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A Tale of Two Bingleys: Was JK Rowling Hinting at Pride and Prejudice? Day 8 of the 12 Days of #FantasticBeasts

On the eighth day of Fantastic Beasts, my true love said to me... Are we all fools in love?

Welcome to day 8 of the 12 Days of Fantastic Beasts! When Charlotte questioned Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice (the film), Are we all fools in love? she was foretelling the actions of at least two sets of couples: Lizzie and Mr. Darcy, and Jane and Mr. Bingley. But could she have perhaps seen even further into the future to another set of parallel couples? Scroll below for another section from Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts.


Runespoor by Kayla Perkinson

In a section from my newly released book, Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts, I examine how Rowling hints at one of her favorite authors, Jane Austen, through teasingly naming the banker Mr. Bingley:

A Tale of Two Bingleys

The most intriguing aspect about Bingley at this point is his name, and the fact that he is important enough to name in the script. If he is a link to the Mr. Bingley of Pride and Prejudice knowing Rowling is a huge Austen fan, what does his name signify? Is it a nod to Austen’s well-loved character, or to a theme of her classic novel?

One possible link I see between Fantastic Beasts and Pride and Prejudice is the development of two parallel love stories: Newt with Tina and Queenie with Jacob. Could Mr. Bingley's meeting with Jacob be a tip of the hat from one secondary lead to his counterpart?

Jacob is a good-hearted fellow, like Bingley, and Queenie is “…the most beautiful girl ever to don witches’ robes” (p. 79). Austen's character Jane, Mr. Bingley's love interest, is considered a great beauty, her mother remarking, “I was sure you could not be so beautiful for nothing!” Indeed, when Jacob says “Mr. Bingley!” in the vault scene, you can almost hear Mrs. Bennett’s shrill cry. (I cover more of this parallel relationship later in the book.)

Finally, as if to make sure we noticed Mr. Bingley and remember him going forward, he appears at the end of Fantastic Beasts among the No-Maj having their memories washed clean. Mr. Bingley is in his shower, his wife nearby brushing her teeth. Clearly we are meant to remember the Bingleys.

Do you think that Rowling hinted at Pride and Prejudice merely as a tease? Or is she going for something more? What other elements of P&P do you see in Fantastic Beasts?

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