Monday, February 6, 2012

Wanted, Always: The Baddies of Harry Potter!

I popped over to one of my favorite bloggers today, Laura Pauling, to see her fabulous want-ad posters based on YA novels with great log lines.  She's participating in a contest started by Heather Kelly.

So, I thought it would be fun to try some Harry Potter wanted posters based on the baddies of the series.  Take a look:

(Note: I've added captions as the font on the posters is slightly hard to read.)

For Delusions of Grandeur; Draco "Ferret" Malfoy; 50K Galleon Reward

Draco loved throwing his wealth and position in everyone's face, but underneath, he was always seeking to be in the "in crowd," first with Harry, then with his Slytherin cronies, and finally as a Death Eater.

For Abuse of Personal Hygiene; Severus "Slimeball" Snape; 75k Galleon Reward

Forget all the hoopla about whether Snape murdered Dumbledore or not, His Royal Slimeball's true crime is an affront to personal hygiene everywhere.

For Losing at "I Got Your Nose"; Voldy "Noseless" Mort; 99K Galleon Reward

Yes, He Who Must Not Be Named, the darkest wizard in over a hundred years, the murderer of Fred, Collin, Tonks, Lupin, Harry's parents, and too many more to name, couldn't win at a game of "I got your nose!"

And let's not forget the woman behind the man, the crazed, fierce witch who crucio'd Neville's mum and dad and killed our beloved Padfoot.  But what did she do behind the scenes to warrant her arrest?:

For Snagging Voldy's Nose; Bellatrix "Loverwitch" Lestrange; 65K Galleon Reward

Can you think of more?  I'm SURE you can.  Here's the link to where you can make wanted posters yourself.  If you do a book poster, be sure to enter it in Heather's contest, info here.  But if you do a Harry Potter one, either send me a link, or e-mail me a copy (SPSipal AT gmail) and I will add more throughout the day.

This should be fun!

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