Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Submission Requirements for Amazon's New Science Fiction - Fantasy Imprint 47North

I'm going to deviate a bit today from analyzing Harry Potter with some market info on Amazon's new 47North Science Fiction and Fantasy imprint.

Mongoliad from 47North
You may have already read about this new imprint and some of its launch authors and books, such as Dave Duncan, Stephan Leather, and Chris Roberson.  All 15 launch books will be available in print, e-book, and audio.  You can see more of the rollout at 47North's homepage.  You can also read the official press release and a nice summary at Mashable.

But one thing that seems to me to be lacking in all this excitement is specific details for how to query or submit to 47North.  All you get on their homepage is directions to send an inquiry to

As we've all got inquiring minds, I assumed some of you may want to know as well.  So, I inquired.  In response, here's what 47North said they'd like to see in submissions:

Proposals and manuscripts should only be submitted to one
imprint or editor at a time. We will communicate internally to make sure
your work finds its best home. For a full list of Amazon Publishing
imprints, visit:
If you are represented by an agent, please have your agent
submit your proposal.
Submissions should include the following information:
  • Title and author in the subject line
  • Short synopsis of the book
  • Brief bio and bibliography of author
  • Full or partial manuscript (Word file, Times New Roman 12)
  • Comparable authors or titles
  • Any relevant marketing/PR strengths
So, for those of you with completed manuscripts, I hope some of you will submit and then come back and let us know what happens!  Good luck!

Finally, as my October workshop got postponed, I have more available time for edits and have decided to take on a couple more this month.  If you're in need of a professional edit before submitting to agents, editors, or publishing direct, check out my services!