Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pottermore Welcome (Oops! Confirmation) E-Owls in Flight

Those long-awaited Pottermore Welcome e-owls are finally in flight!  And while I'm very excited to find out when I'll get in (my daughter already received hers), my thoughts and prayers are with all those in England who have been suffering, on all sides, these last few days.  I hope that the Harry Potter message of unity through love can shine through in real life.

In the meanwhile, I've been AWOL lately as I worked on a VERY special (& difficult for me!) project! (I'm no programmer!!!)  It seemed to me that the Pottermore community, as evidenced by the amount of comments on this blog!, may be in need of a special home on the web where we can come together to share our excitement, discoveries, and thoughts on all things related to Pottermore with no character limits.

And thus...Pottermore Wiki & Forums (for Writers & Fans) is born!!!!

This is a place where YOU can shape the content, because just as JK Rowling said:

"The experience of reading requires that the imaginations of the author & reader work together to create the story."

So, you may not be a beta-tester for Pottermore quite yet...but you can be a beta-tester for me RIGHT NOW!  Go there, try out the Forums (which are working) and let me know there what you think!

Go on...what are you waiting for? :-)

UPDATE: I just received my e-owl. Was going before on what my daughter told me about hers, which I didn't see. It seems the e-mail is another confirmation that I am in, but not the welcome one with a definite date. Instead, it says that I will receive the welcome e-mail with entrance date between mid-August to the end of September.

UPDATE 2: Poll results on the new Pottermore Forums indicate that only people who caught the Magical Quill on the first 2 days have received this new e-owl! So, maybe Pottermore IS taking registrants in according to the day they registered!