Monday, June 20, 2011


#PottermoreChat - tonight, 6/20 on Twitter at 9 pm EST! BE THERE!

Pottermore - Are you going crazy trying to figure out what it's going to be? Is it an MMORPG? Is it an online, interactive encyclopedia? (Excuse me, online Scottish Book)? Is it social media? It is EuroPotter?

We've been discussing the clues on this blog for days, starting when the first coordinates were released:

Let the Games Begin! is our first post as we searched for the coordinates and pieced together Pottermore, with the beginning speculation of what it could be.

Then for a couple of days, we worked on the Pottermore Trail of Clues, where we listed all the Secret Street View coordinates, locations, and most importantly, the notes, to see what we could ferret out there. My initial speculation leaned strongly toward the encyclopedia (and still hope!).

Then, because the updates can get a bit confusing, and our discussion was focused more on the numbers on the YouTube site, we switched to Pottermore - The Numbers Game.

Basically, I believe the YouTube site screams clues, with the date of Feb. 4 listed without a year, the frozen page views and likes and dislikes which no one can click on, the 50 videos listed that are not active. Then there's the multiplying owls, the falling leaves...JKR sure does love a good mystery!

So, let's all put our collective minds together. Join us tonight at 9 pm EST on Twitter at #PottermoreChat and see if we can peer into JKR's very devious mind! :-)  Maybe, we can figure it out before the final revelation!


  1. I missed the chat but read through the notes. The fact that they have her Harvard speech listed twice has to have meaning. I found the youtube video of that speech uploaded by DTFunView but I couldn't find any hidden clues.

    She says in the NBC interview that she's going to do an encyclopedia in the future, so that makes that a likely possibility. BUT she also says she will be writing more books in the future, though not Harry Potter books. The LAST thing the interviewer says (Meredith Viera) is "Is she really done writing about magical worlds? I don't think so."

    She is an author, she writes books, I can't see her endorsing a RPG game. An online universe with an encyclopedia is a possibility, but
    I WANT to believe it's a new book with Albus Potter going back to Hogwarts. She finished writing DEATHLY HALLOWS in 2006 and it came out in 2007. She hasn't put out a book (other than the Beetle & the Bard) in FIVE YEARS. You know she has had to have been writing during that time. So I'm going to vote for the Albus Potter story!

  2. Oh, I missed #PottermoreChat 1! Different time zones :((

  3. It's Acanum, I tELL YOU, it's Arcanum,and I should know because I invented it. So says the crazymad writer of children's stories - arrrgh.

  4. Kiki - you hit exactly on what I think about the RPG game. Maybe I don't have a proper understanding of how this works, but it seems like a game would follow more under Warner's name than JKR's. But, maybe not this type. Or maybe, because it's to be a whole universe (gaming, social media, encyclopedia, fanfiction), it's all from her.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she does a book about Albus, but because of their insistence that this is not a book, I don't think this is it.

  5. I'm sorry you missed it Farida. I'm thinking about doing another one today at 4 pm EST. Would that still be too late for you?

  6. I don't know. We'll see if I can make it :)