Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guest Post on The Graceful Doe's Blog

You may remember that Jo Hart from The Graceful Doe's Blog recent did a guest post here on What Harry Potter Has Taught Me About Writing.  Today, I'm honored to return the favor.  My article, Go Where It's Scary -- Into the Abyss, is posted on her blog.

I hope you will all check it out.  Although it's not entirely focused on Harry Potter, it's definitely writing related, and I did manage to squeeze one Harry reference in! :-)

Here's a snippet:

As in life, confronting and traveling through our fears is an essential part of being human, it’s even more so with our characters, our heroes. And no part of story construction addresses “go where it’s scary” more directly than the approach to the innermost cave of the Hero’s Journey.


  1. GREAT post, SP. I really liked how you drew everything together. =)

  2. Thanks BookGeek! Hope you had a happy holiday. :-)