Friday, October 1, 2010

Best of JK Rowling on Oprah

So, JK Rowling was on Oprah today, and many of us came together to enjoy a TweetParty as we viewed. Below are some of the best snippets (in my POV) from the show.


First off, from what I heard, JK Rowling did NOT say anything differently than what I've heard before regarding whether she'd write another Harry Potter novel. She basically said she wouldn't rule it out, not that she definitely would.

12 publishers rejected The Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone. The 13th ended up being the lucky one.

"JK Rowling is the first self-made billionaire author in history, selling more than 400 million books, captivating readers in 69 languages and 200 countries around the world.  Deathly Hallows is the fastest selling book of all time."

The rest below are quotes from JK Rowling:

Regarding PS/SS: The difficult thing's going to be to get published.  If it's published, it will be huge.

I was not the world's most secure person... And yet in this one thing in my life, I believed. I can tell a story.

I'm very frustrated by fear of imagination. I don't think that's healthy. (caught by

I'm not pushing any belief system here, although there is a lot of Christian imagery in the books...and certainly in Hallows.

In magic man has to rely on himself...That's the appeal of magic...that we ourselves have power and we can shape our world.

If you've ever been there, you will never ever take for granted that you don't need to worry. (on being poor)

I had no one near me...who could in any way help me...with the really crazy stuff...Like what do you do when the press is searching your bins.

Sometimes I know what I believe because of what I've written.

The books wouldn't be what they are if [her mother] hadn't died...Her death is on virtually every other page...At least half of Harry's journey is a journey to deal with death...I loved her and she died. That's why they are what they are. (caught by

And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

It is impossible to live without failing at something.  Unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.

I've met extraordinary people through Harry Potter and not one of them didn't have their failure.

It's the ability to use failure that often leads to the greatest success. (caught by

JK Rowling on power of love & 9-11:  Because those last phone calls were all about..."I love you." What's more powerful than that?

About happiness, referring to Dumbledore and Mirror of Erised:  The happiest man alive would look in the mirror and see himself exactly as he is. So, I would have to say that I'm pretty close.

You could tie my hands to my sides, I suppose. But I have to write.

I did it. I'm really proud that I did it...But this is a new phase. (on leaving behind Harry Potter)

She said a girl in her early 20's apparated out of the pavement and said "You are my childhood." (caught by

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  1. Cool quotes. I really like the last one.

  2. She's very frustrated by fear of imagination? Did she mean other people's fear or her own.

    Do like the quote about failure often leading to success.

  3. Marisa, she meant other people's fear. I'll have to go back and listen to the quote again, but I think that was in reference to the people who were calling her books satanic and afraid of the witch/magic themes.

  4. Really great quote at the end of the interview. She's amazing.

  5. I totally agree, Liz. Thanks for visiting and commenting.