Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celebrate Harry Potter's and JK Rowling's Birthday Contest!

Harry Potter and his masterful creator, JK Rowling, both celebrate their birthday this Saturday, July 31. To honor (or hallow :-) this event, I am announcing my first contest for the Harry Potter for Writers blog!

With prizes! Three of them!!!!
That's right. Not one, but three winners!
  1. A copy of Wizarding World Press' Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter. This book caused a sensation in Harry Potter fandom when it was released, and still is highly sought after today. Not only will HP fans thrill to discover all the clues JKR slyly wove into her text, but writers can learn a lot from this book by dissecting JKR's craft.
  2. An electronic copy of one of my chapters from A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter, "Revealing Wormtail: or How to Bait a Rattrap." This lesson is 56 pages of detailed analysis, with examples, of JKR's adept mystery plotting. It enables the writer to learn new methods to plot their own trail-of-clues mystery, weaving subtle clues and red herrings into the subtext.
  3. A one-chapter (25 page) critique of your own manuscript. Not only have I published editorials, short stories, and a novel over the last several years, I have also worked in the publishing industry as an editor and marketing consultant for smaller presses. Send me your first chapter from your WIP, and I will provide detailed feedback on what I think is working, and where I feel you need improvement.

So, the nitty do you enter? Follow TWO of these simple steps:

  1. Follow me on Twitter: @HP4Writers
  2. RT my contest announcement on Twitter. For your convenience, I've placed it here as well.
    RT @HP4Writers #HappyBirthdayHarry CONTEST!: Win 1 of 3 prizes for fans of Harry Potter & writers. Rules here: #HP4Writers

    OR, if you do not have a Twitter account:
  3. Post a comment here on my blog, on the comment thread below or any of the other articles, and
  4. Follow my blog!

  • I will choose three winners from those who complete either the first two or last two tasks above. Double your chances by doing all four!
  • The first winner gets first choice of the prizes, the second chooses from the two prizes remaining, and the third the prize that is left.
  • Anyone local and overseas my enter, but I will only ship the Ultimate Unofficial Guide book to a US address.
  • Please post any questions you have about the contest on the comment thread below.
  • The winners will be chosen at 9:00 am EST on Sunday, August 1, 2010 and will be notified through their e-mail or Twitter account.

That's it! Have at it. Spread the word. Enter now!

And Happy Birthday Jo Rowling and Harry Potter!

PS: Happy Birthday to my dad, who also celebrates his B-Day this Sat!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad, too!

  2. Wait, what's the actual contest part? You said complete tasks... what tasks????

  3. Thanks so much for the birthday greeting for my dad, @weasley_potter. And thanks for participating in the contest!

  4. Hi Em, the tasks are the 4 steps outlined above, and you did 1 & 2 by following me on Twitter and RT'ing my post. So, you're entered. Thank you!

  5. I did all four, baby!!! (Okay, I was already following the blog, I am leaving you a message just because I am avoiding the dishes, but I did send out the Twitter announcement, AND I was already following you there....)

  6. LOL. Thanks so much, Cynthia. I've got you double entered, and I've followed your blog. :-) Thank you!

  7. I did all four! I totally want in on this! :)

  8. Thanks Jodi! I've got you down twice. Thanks for playing!

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